Best Practices for Social Media Tagging

Tagging us on social media isn’t simply a way for us to get credit for work we’ve done for you, it enables us to promote your content as well. Often the only way we can actually reshare your content through our channels is via your tags.

Every app is different, so here are some best practices when it comes to mentioning us on the internet.

Instagram (@danzermedia)

  • Video by @danzermedia” or “🎥: @danzermedia” in the comments
  • Tag @danzermedia in the post
  • @danzermedia mention (in the stickers tab)

Instagram won’t let us repost your stories unless you tag us in them.


If you’re using our work on your website and wish to credit us, the best way is to simply copy the follwing html code into the code of your website.

Video by <a href="" target="_blank">Danzer Media</a>

The code will display a link which opens a new tab to our website when clicked. Specifically, it will look like this:

Video by Danzer Media

You can see something similar in the texts underneath many of our videos on this site.