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Professional Musician Film Services

We’ve been shooting performance videos for almost as long as we’ve been shooting sports videos.

We offer a variety of services for musicians of all kinds.

No matter the genre, we’ll be there, delivering beautiful, powerful content at bar-gig prices.

EPK Creation

An electronic press kit is the digital soul of your band. Ideally it's a simple webpage that you send to venues you'd like to book you, to show your legitimacy as a musical act.

It should serve as an introduction to your music, and contain your graphics, audio, and videos of your live sets.

We use and recommend Carrd (referral link) to build epks. It's fast, clean, and has everything you need.

And of course, we offer this as a custom service. You can piece meal, and just hire us for the video and do the rest yourself, or we can create the entire EPK for you (video+photo+graphic design), simply, quickly, and efficiently.

Live Sets

Live performance videos are easily the most underrated of all music content creation.

A good live performance video is just as good as a music video, but much cheaper. Basically "music video lite".

We cut our teeth on performance videos when just starting out. This is our bread and butter.

Performance Highlights

These are the IG and TT edits you see everywhere.

It's a simple shoot: a cameraman comes out to one of your sets and focuses on capturing the vibe, not specific songs.

One of your songs gets dubbed over the final edit.

As a bonus, we'll process all the footage and send it to you, to be used as SMA post backgrounds and fluff content.

Music Videos

The peak of the field.

We handle these on a case by case basis, but as a general rule:

Any music video we do will be creative, and it will contain narrative elements.

There are plenty of great local videographers who can do simple performance music videos, including us--we'll just do them as a live set recording.

Fan Sponsorship and Cincy Live Discount

We also run a spinoff service, Cincinnati Live, which features local artists. If you’re willing to let us feature you, we’ll offer you a discount on our services

In addition to that, fans can sponsor you to be filmed using the ko-fi link on that channel.

Thanks for checking us out, use the firm below to get in touch. We’ll respond within 2 business days!

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