Your Personal Love Story

Maybe You Should Just Get a Content Creator?

If you haven’t considered it, you need to.

A “content creator” is like a wedding videographer . . .

. . . but they focus more on sizzle shots, are cheaper, and generally deliver just the raw footage, (not even an Instagram edit).

If you’re looking around for videography, and just want someone to get fluff shots from your ceremony to complement the photography, they’re a much better option than a full-scale production.

We are not content creators.

We aren’t even videographers.

We’re a team of Hollywood-level pros. Editors, a director/producer, some cinematographers and photographers.

Our service differs greatly from what you would expect from a content creator.

We’ll explain more about it below . . .

(and when we actually have a reel to show it, the price will be 3-4x higher).

For now, the key thing to understand is that wedding video is an investment.

Everything else you pay for at the wedding/elopement/engagement session is an expense . . .

You buy it and enjoy it on the big day.

Even the photo sessions are a fun time (assuming you’ve got a good photographer).

But the video isn’t something that you enjoy on the day-of.

It’s something you slowly fall in love with over the next 10 years.

Here’s what we do to make sure that rediscovery is fulfilling:


We know, it sounds crazy.

But we also know that the most important thing about a wedding is the couple.

Take a look at most wedding highlight videos, and after a while, you'll notice something.

. . . you could swap out the couples in most of them, and the video wouldn't change, at all.

It's all the exact same fluff.

Maybe that's what you want. If so, we're massive overkill for you.

But if you want to get a chance to tell your love story . . .

. . . your first date, your first kiss, when you knew he was the one . . .

. . . under the best lighting you'll ever be lit by . . .

. . . making your wedding film truly unique . . .

. . . truly you,

then what we'll do is set aside a day to interview both of you, separately.

And we'll make sure your love story lasts forever.

Are we crazy for doing all of this, just for wedding videos?

Yes. We don't care.

This is our passion project.

Full Service

We do everything wedding related. Elopements, engagements, destination weddings, all of it.

Everything that a normal wedding videographer would do, we'll do better.

We'll apply a full cinematic post-production pipeline to all of our shots . . .

. . . and in-depth retouching to all of our photos.

But we don't charge by the hour.

We work out a flat price.

We set up a payment plan to have the full price paid by the shoot day.

And on that day, we're yours completely.

We will keep working until our batteries die and our hard drives are full, and then we'll swap cameras and keep going.

Anything you want.

If we can get the tools needed to do it, we'll do it for you: drones, gimbals, Arri rental . . .

We are professionals. Our quality of work is everything to us.

We will do it right the first time.

A Catholic Focus

We're also (mostly) Catholic.

When it comes to weddings, we don't believe in re-dos.

So whether or not you're Catholic, we're going to be treating your wedding film as if it's going to last the rest of your life.

If you are Catholic, then a lot of what you talk about in the interview session will be similar to questions you answered during marriage prep (the fun ones).

. . . and you can rest assured that the interview will be easy.

A Discount (For Now)

We need a wedding reel.

It's going to take about a year to make one.

Once we've got it, we're going to ramp up our production . . .

. . . and our prices.

This is a luxury service.

Don't believe us? Look around the website, and get a feel for the quality. Then find a $3000 wedding video, and compare.

Until the end of 2024, we'll be offering our services for normal videography prices.

Our basic package, for a Cincinnati area wedding, which includes both the full-service wedding coverage, and the interviews, as well as the full post-production pipeline necessary to produce

  • a 90 second highlight reel for social media
  • a 5-10 minute wedding film
  • a full ceremony cut
  • both interviews
. . . comes out to about $1500, depending on factors such as travel.

And like we said at the beginning, this is really something that normally costs about 3x as much.

It's a deal you're not going to get anywhere else, but if you book it now, you lock this price in.

What’s Next?

A call. Some questions. Good times. All the standard stuff.

Below is an interest form. There’s no invasive questions, nothing too personal, you can fill it out in a minute with good autocomplete.

Submit that, we’ll be in touch within 2 business days, and we’ll go from there.

No pressure, no stress, just fun conversation and good vibes.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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